[Numpy-discussion] numarray: 3D Fourier transforms

Peter Verveer verveer at embl-heidelberg.de
Tue Nov 23 12:17:04 CST 2004

Numarray has N-dimensional fft's, they are just not documented in the 
manual (this should be fixed, will do that as soon as find the time). 
There are the following functions in numarray.fft:


They are documented in the source code, try the following:

 >>> from numarray import fft
 >>> help(fft.fftnd)

Or alternatively, implement your 3D fft as a sequence of three 1D fft's.

Cheers, Peter

On Nov 23, 2004, at 8:59 PM, Christian Meesters wrote:

> Hi
> I only hope that you guys on this list can help me, for I didn't find 
> a list specified on numarray.
> Well, may problem is that I want to write an algorithm where I combine 
> amplitude data from one 3D-image volume with phase data from another. 
> (Actually they are identical except for one small correction, that's 
> why this should be legal.) Numarray only offers 1D and 2D FFTs. I 
> could possibly implement a 3D transform, but if somebody already has 
> written something like this, it would be very nice if one could point 
> me on an URL for this.
> Thanks a lot in advance.
> Cheers
> Christian Meesters
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