[Numpy-discussion] "Head Nummie" Semi-Abdicates...

Todd Miller jmiller at stsci.edu
Tue Nov 16 14:52:00 CST 2004

Due to the importance of on-going and future maintenance for Numeric and
the fact that my own work is limited to numarray,  I think we should
split the role of "Head Nummie" into "Head Numeric Nummie" and "Head
numarray Nummie".  This really amounts to a clarification of who is
doing what.

My impression is that Travis Oliphant is the one doing most or all of
the current Numeric work, so he is the logical Head Numeric Nummie.  I
am the most active with fundamental numarray so I am the logical Head
numarray Nummie.

Presuming that Travis wants the title "Head Numeric Nummie",

All those in favor say +1 or nothing
All those opposed say -1

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