[Numpy-discussion] Re: numarray and ATLAS

Francesc Alted falted at pytables.org
Thu Oct 21 00:32:31 CDT 2004

A Dijous 21 Octubre 2004 08:46, Sebastian Stark va escriure:
> > Perhaps this is a too recurrent subject, but I"m having problems when
> > making numarray to use ATLAS instead of the mini-lapack included.
> I had to change lapack_libs and lapack_dirs in addons.py to read: 
>   lapack_libs = ['lapack', 'f77blas', 'f2c', 'cblas', 'atlas', 'm']
>   lapack_dirs = ['/usr/local/lib/ATLAS']

I've done something similar:

    lapack_libs = ['lapack', 'cblas', 'f77blas', 'atlas']
    lapack_dirs = ['/usr/local/atlas/Linux_P4SSE2_full/lib']

Mmm, I can see that you have added 'f2c'. However, I don't have it
installed. Could that be the cause that tests would not pass in my case?

> (and yes, I get a significant speed boost from ATLAS)

Great, it's good to know that.

Thank you very much for your feedback,

Francesc Alted

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