[Numpy-discussion] Counting array elements

Peter Verveer verveer at embl-heidelberg.de
Sat Oct 30 08:39:28 CDT 2004

> ** Peter Verveer made some comments about the expectations of a naive
> user regarding reductions, namely that "all" should be the default.   
> My
> own experience bears this out,  and I am torn about what to do here.
> Chris Barker pointed out the need for backward compatibility with
> Numeric,  and given the current numarray goal of supporting SciPy,  
> this
> need is growing stronger and more complex.  SciPy uses yet another axis
> convention.  If anyone has any ideas how to handle these multiple
> conventions with elegance,  let me know.

Numarray should probably be either completely compatible in every small 
detail, or we could take the opportunity to change what we believe was 
the wrong choice. Not sure what is really best, although personally 
feel breaking compatibility is fine if the result is better. Is there 
not already a sub-package numeric within numarray that provides Numeric 
compatibility? Such a package could at  least provide wrappers with 
compatible behavior for people who need that.


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