[Matplotlib-users] warning: Numeric and amd64

Flávio Codeço Coelho fccoelho at fiocruz.br
Fri Oct 1 12:06:10 CDT 2004


look at this:

>>> from RandomArray import *

>>> normal(2,2,10)
 array([ 2.,  2.,  2.,  2.,  2.,  2.,  2.,  2.,  2.,  2.])

This is Numeric 23.1 compiled on my AMD64!!! I ran the same tests on a 32bit 
P4 and it ran fine.
Has anyone else seen this before?

For those that didn't understand, the normal function as called above,  is 
supposed to give me ten samples form a normal distribution with mean = 2 and 
standard deviation = 2


>>> from numarray.random_array import *

>>> normal(2,2,10)
array([-0.04525638,  4.31467819, -0.17468357,  5.29377031,  0.84202135,
        5.29593539,  4.69651532,  1.61354655,  1.10839236,  1.7743317 ])

If anybody still needed a reason for switching to numarray, there you go!

I anybody here subscribes the numeric or numarray mailing lists (i.e. if they 
even exist) could you please forward this message to them?


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