[Numpy-discussion] Small bug in MA with arrays of rank > 1

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Oct 4 10:59:49 CDT 2004

Hi all,

a while back I noticed a small problem with MA for rank 2 (and larger) arrays. 
  Here's a simple example:

In [1]: a=RA.random((3,3))

In [2]: a
array([[ 0.002542,  0.70301 ,  0.705466],
        [ 0.467305,  0.381492,  0.655857],
        [ 0.103372,  0.776988,  0.466528]])

In [3]: import MA

In [4]: a
[[ 0.002542, 0.70301 , 0.705466,]
  [ 0.467305, 0.381492, 0.655857,]
  [ 0.103372, 0.776988, 0.466528,]]

The bug is that the commas at the end of each line are coming _before_ the 
closing bracket, instead of after.  This seemingly trivial problem turns out 
to be pretty serious for me, because I use this string representation to 
export python arrays into Mathematica files, by simply replacing [] with {} 
(and playing some other tricks).

Unfortunately, this bug means I can't use MA, which is otherwise great because 
of the way it gracefully handles the case where you accidentally say


when A is some monster array.  With MA, instead of your CPU getting killed for 
10 minutes, you get a nice summary of A's dimensions and typecode.

Anyway, it would be great if one of the gurus had a chance to fix this one.



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