[Numpy-discussion] Re: numarray and ATLAS

Francesc Alted falted at pytables.org
Thu Oct 21 02:33:28 CDT 2004

A Dijous 21 Octubre 2004 10:32, Robert Kern va escriure:
> > Mmm, I can see that you have added 'f2c'. However, I don't have it
> > installed. Could that be the cause that tests would not pass in my case?
> If you are compiling with gcc, add 'g2c' after 'f77blas'. It's g77's 
> FORTRAN runtime library.

Yeah, that made the trick!. So for a gcc compiler, this works just fine:

lapack_libs = ['lapack', 'f77blas', 'g2c', 'cblas', 'atlas', 'm']

Many thanks!,

Francesc Alted

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