[Numpy-discussion] vector cross product

Gary Ruben gazzar at email.com
Sun Oct 31 04:22:01 CST 2004

Not that I have a really urgent need, but is there a reason that nice, fast C-based vector operations aren't implemented in Numeric or numarray? I notice Fernando Perez has a cross product as a useful SciPy weave example on his site. I've also seen comments elsewhere about Numpy's lack of a cross product. eg. <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-list/2004-March/213878.html>
I'm using Konrad Hinsen's Scientific Python for the convenience value of his Vector class, which also provides a nice angle() method but it bothers me that it's implemented in native Python. The Vector type in vpython probably does it 'properly', but I don't use it just for the convenience since it adds an extra dependency to my code.

Gary R.
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