[Numpy-discussion] Counting array elements

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Sun Oct 31 09:30:28 CST 2004

Peter Verveer wrote:

> Numarray should probably be either completely compatible in every small 
> detail, or we could take the opportunity to change what we believe was 

Well, as I mentioned before having numarray match Numeric in every
small detail is not going to happen (and even there, which flavor?
the original Numeric or the scipy version?). We've been pretty clear
about where incompatibilities were deliberate. But on the other hand,
that leaves many other choices that could be revisited if enough 
people support them. The problem is that no matter what is done,
I suspect some people are going to be inconvenienced since there
is already (without numarray) a split in the community because
of scipy. 

> the wrong choice. Not sure what is really best, although personally 
> feel breaking compatibility is fine if the result is better. Is there 
> not already a sub-package numeric within numarray that provides Numeric 
> compatibility? Such a package could at  least provide wrappers with 
> compatible behavior for people who need that.
At the moment the numeric module provides more Numeric compatibility
(but not complete). In matplotlib we use a module called numerix to
provide a uniform interface to both Numeric and numerix (along with
prohibitions on use of certain features that don't exist in the other).
We are looking at scipy_base now that undoubtably will highlight
similar cases where we will suggest internal reorganization to 
do the same sort of thing that was done for matplotlib.

For those that intend to use numarray only now and forever, one is
free to use all the features they desire. But there still is the
behavior issue of those things that are currently incompatible like
the axis issue.


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