[Numpy-discussion] Response to PEP suggestions

Colin J. Williams cjw at sympatico.ca
Sat Feb 19 11:43:23 CST 2005

Timo Korvola wrote:

>"Colin J. Williams" <cjw at sympatico.ca> writes:
> [snip]
>>I was glad to see the proposal to abandon "ravel" ( a hangover from
 From 05-02-18 16:24 PM

    Yeah, I don't like this anymore either.

    I like X.flatten() better than X.ravel() too.

I suggest that X.flatten would be even better.

>I thought all APL builtins were denoted by weird special characters
>rather than any readable or pronouncable names.  But I don't see ravel
>actually being abandoned, as the PEP does not discuss functions much.
>One reason for preferring functions to methods and attributes is that
>functions can be made to work with scalars and generic sequences.
Yes, most of these weird special operators had names, one of these was 
ravel.  Incidentally, 'shape' is also probably inherited from Iverson's APL.

Colin W.

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