[Numpy-discussion] Matlab/Numeric/numarray benchmarks

Stephen Walton stephen.walton at csun.edu
Thu Jan 6 09:40:26 CST 2005

Todd Miller wrote:

>What we've got here is... a'falya to communicate.
Yeah, include me in that category as well.

>I ported dotblas yesterday and checked it into numarray CVS yesterday
>afternoon.  I fixed the last doctest artifact and re-arranged a little
>this morning.
I just checked out the 1.2a CVS and am getting the same result I did 
before, with matrix multiplies about a factor of 7 slower in numarray 
than numeric.  Now, I'm building with the Absoft compiler, and am 
wondering if some glitch in the build process is causing ATLAS not to be 
used.   How did Simon Burton get the list of libraries loaded by python 
after importing numarray?  I should check that next.

By the way, libg2c still needs to be linked against with the Absoft 
compiler;  add 'g2c' to 'lapack_libs' between 'atlas' and 'f90math'.


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