[Numpy-discussion] updating Numeric

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Fri Jan 21 15:53:56 CST 2005

I would like to try to extensively update Numeric.  Because of the 
changes, I would like to call it Numeric3.0

The goal is to create something that is an easier link between current 
Numeric and future numarray.  It will be largely based on the current 
Numeric code base (same overall structure).

I'm looking for feedback and criticism so don't hesitate to tell me what 
you think (positive or negative).  I'll put on my thickest skin :-)

Changes: (in priority order)

1) Add support for multidimensional indexing            
2) Change coercion rule to "scalars don't count rule"
3) Add support for bool, long long (__int64), unsigned long long, long 
double, complex long double, and unicode character arrays
4) Move to a new-style c-type (i.e. support for array objects being 
sub-classable which was added in Python 2.2)
5) Add support for relevant parts of numarray's C-API (to allow code 
written for numarray that just uses basic homogeneous data to work with 
6) Add full IEEE support
7) Add warning system much like numarray for reporting errors (eliminate 
check_array and friends).
8) optimize the ufuncs where-ever possible:  I can see a couple of 
possibilities but would be interested in any help here.
9) other things I'm forgetting....

Why it is not numarray?   I think there is a need for the tight 
code-base of Numeric to continue with incremental improvements that 
keeps the same concept of an array of homogeneous data types.  

If sub-classing in c works well, then perhaps someday, numarray could 
subclass Numeric for an even improved link between the two.

I have not given up on the numarray and Numeric merging someday, I just 
think we need an update to Numeric that moves Numeric forward in 
directions that numarray has paved without sacrificing the things that 
Numeric already does well.

-Travis O.

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