[Numpy-discussion] Simplifying array()

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Thu Jan 13 01:35:14 CST 2005

A Dijous 13 Gener 2005 01:35, Todd Miller va escriure:
> >   * array() does too much. E.g., handling file/memory instances for
> >     'sequence'. There's fromfile for the former, and users needing
> >     the latter functionality should be clued up enough to
> >     instantiate NumArray directly.
> I agree with this myself.  Does anyone care if they will no longer be
> able to construct an array from a file or buffer object using array()
> rather than fromfile() or NumArray(), respectively?  Is a deprecation
> process necessary to remove them? 

For me is fine. I always call the array() factory function in order to get a
buffer object, so no problem.

> I think strings.py and records.py also have "over-stuffed" array()
> functions...  so consistency bids us to streamline those as well.  

I agree.


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