[Numpy-discussion] position of objects?

Bob Klimek klimek at grc.nasa.gov
Fri Jan 21 08:22:01 CST 2005

Peter Verveer wrote:

> The procedure you show below seems to be based on a normal watershed. 
> I am not completely sure how the Image-J implementation works, but one 
> way to do that would be to do a watershed on the distance transform of 
> that image (actually  you would use the negative of the distance 
> transform, with the local minima of that as the seeds). You could do 
> that with watershed_ift, in this case it would give you two  labeled 
> objects, that in contrast to your example would however touch each 
> other. To do the exact same as below a watershed is needed that also 
> gives watershed lines.

Hi Peter,

I thought I'd try your suggestion above but I'm falling short. Where I 
stall is at local minima (or local maxima if you don't invert the 
image). Currently there is no local minima (or maxima) function in 
nd_image is there (or am I missing it)?


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