[Numpy-discussion] updating Numeric

Ralf Juengling juenglin at cs.pdx.edu
Fri Jan 21 17:11:06 CST 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 15:52, Travis Oliphant wrote:
> I would like to try to extensively update Numeric.  Because of the 
> changes, I would like to call it Numeric3.0
> The goal is to create something that is an easier link between current 
> Numeric and future numarray.  It will be largely based on the current 
> Numeric code base (same overall structure).
> I'm looking for feedback and criticism so don't hesitate to tell me what 
> you think (positive or negative).  I'll put on my thickest skin :-)

So yeah, I think you should drive to Baltimore, visit these guys at
STSCI and ... get really drunk together!


> Changes: (in priority order)
> ================
> 1) Add support for multidimensional indexing            
> 2) Change coercion rule to "scalars don't count rule"
> 3) Add support for bool, long long (__int64), unsigned long long, long 
> double, complex long double, and unicode character arrays
> 4) Move to a new-style c-type (i.e. support for array objects being 
> sub-classable which was added in Python 2.2)
> 5) Add support for relevant parts of numarray's C-API (to allow code 
> written for numarray that just uses basic homogeneous data to work with 
> Numeric)
> 6) Add full IEEE support
> 7) Add warning system much like numarray for reporting errors (eliminate 
> check_array and friends).
> 8) optimize the ufuncs where-ever possible:  I can see a couple of 
> possibilities but would be interested in any help here.
> 9) other things I'm forgetting....
> Why it is not numarray?   I think there is a need for the tight 
> code-base of Numeric to continue with incremental improvements that 
> keeps the same concept of an array of homogeneous data types.  
> If sub-classing in c works well, then perhaps someday, numarray could 
> subclass Numeric for an even improved link between the two.
> I have not given up on the numarray and Numeric merging someday, I just 
> think we need an update to Numeric that moves Numeric forward in 
> directions that numarray has paved without sacrificing the things that 
> Numeric already does well.
> -Travis O.
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