[Numpy-discussion] Dcoument strings for ndarray

Colin J. Williams cjw at sympatico.ca
Sat Oct 8 09:44:34 CDT 2005

With a view to exploring Numeric3, below is a script to check the 
availability of doc strings.

Some are not yet available.

There is a method __class__ module but the purpose is not clear.

Colin W.

# checkDocs.py
''' To check the availabilty of doc strings for the ndarray class.

  Among the attributes of ndarray is:
__class__ module(name[, doc])

Create a module object.
The name must be a string; the optional doc argument can have any type. 

  ndarray is referenced as a class and reported as "<type 'type'>"
  but the common Python usage is <type 'classobj'>
  see the last output line.
import scipy.base.multiarray as M
print type(M.ndarray)
print '>', type( M)
print 'module doc:', M.__doc__
for i in dir(M.ndarray):
  print i,
    print eval('M.'+i+'.__doc__')
    print 'No doc'
print '\n', M.ndarray.__doc__   
print type(M.ndarray)
# Check normal usage
import timeit
print timeit.Timer, type(timeit.Timer)

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