[Numpy-discussion] python-numeric in FC4: good idea?

Stephen Walton stephen.walton at csun.edu
Sun Sep 25 11:40:25 CDT 2005

In my ongoing struggles with FC4, I now find that the Fedora developers 
have put Numeric 23.7 into the core as python-numeric and built pygtk2 
against it, so the latter has a dependency on the former.

I think this is a bad idea unless the core developers are going to 
include ATLAS and build Numeric against it.  After all, this community 
and the Scipy one have gone to great lengths to optimize ATLAS and build 
Numeric and numarray (and presumably the new scipy core) against it.  
But I'm probably not going to convince the Redhat folks on my own.

So, questions are:  can someone more familiar with pygtk2 than me tell 
me what parts of it depend on Numeric and why?  Can we start a campaign 
to put ATLAS into Fedora Core if Numeric is going to be there too?

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