[Numpy-discussion] python-numeric in FC4: good idea?

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sun Sep 25 22:04:01 CDT 2005

Robert Kern wrote:

> Can you make an RPM of python-numeric compiled against ATLAS and install
> it yourself? Or can you install Numeric yourself and make a dummy
> package to tell RPM that yes, indeed, Numeric is installed? I'm terribly
> unfamiliar with Fedora and RPM; I've always prefered Debian.

You can.  In fact, Numeric builds out of the box with

python bdist_rpm,

though the package name comes out to be named 'Numeric', but that should not 
be a problem, since the setup.cfg file reads:

provides=python-numeric, python-numeric-devel

which means that the python-numeric dependency should be satisfied.

If you really need to have the rpm be named python-numeric, this can be done 
by either writing out the spec file and fixing it by hand via:

python setup.py bdist_rpm --spec-only

or by changing the 'name' flag in the setup.py by hand to read 'python-config' 
instead of 'Numeric'.  If changing this name for rpms is a common need,  we 
can patch up setup.py to take an optional argument.



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