[Numpy-discussion] first impressions with numpy

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Apr 3 15:59:06 CDT 2006

Sebastian Haase wrote:

> Tim Hochberg wrote:
> <snip>
>> This would work fine if repr were instead:
>>    dtype([('x', float64), ('z', complex128)])
>> Anyway, this all seems reasonable to me at first glance. That said, I 
>> don't plan to work on this, I've got other fish to fry at the moment.
> A new point: Please remind me (and probably others): when did it get 
> decided to introduce 'complex128' to mean numarray's complex64
> and the 'complex64' to mean numarray's complex32 ?

It was last February (i.e. 2005) when I first started posting regarding 
the new NumPy.   I claimed it was more consistent to use actual 
bit-widths.   A few people, including Perry, indicated they weren't 
opposed to the change and so I went ahead with it.

You can read relevant posts by searching on 
numpy-discussion at lists.sourceforge.net

Discussions are always welcome.  I suppose it's not too late to change 
something like this --- but it's getting there...


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