[Numpy-discussion] A random.normal function with stdev as array

Bruce Southey bsouthey at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 09:46:03 CDT 2006

Can you provide more details on what you are doing, especially how you
are using this?

The one item that is not directly part of Tim's list is that some
times you need to reorder your loops  (perhaps this is part of "Think
about your algorithm"?). Loop swapping is very common to improve
performance. However, it usually requires a very clear head or someone
else to do it. Also, you can might need to break loops into pieces
where you repeat the same tasks and computations over and over.

The other aspect is to do some algebra on the calculations as the
stdev is essentially a constant so depending on how you use it you can
factor it out further. Again it all depends on what you are actually
doing with these numbers.

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