[Numpy-discussion] Toward release 1.0 of NumPy

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Apr 12 17:04:05 CDT 2006

The next release of NumPy will be 0.9.8

Before this release is made,  I want to make sure the following tickets 
are implemented


Once 0.9.8 is out, I'd like to name the next release NumPy 1.0 Release 
Candidate 1 and have a series of release candidates so that hopefully by 
SciPy 2006 conference, NumPy 1.0 is out.   This also dove-tails nicely 
with the Python 2.5 release schedule so that NumPy 1.0 should work with 
Python 2.5 and be fully 64-bit capable for handling very-large arrays.

The recent discussions and bug-reports have been very helpful.  If you 
have found a bug, please report it on the Trac pages so that we don't 
lose sight of it.  

Report bugs by "submitting a ticket" here:



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