[Numpy-discussion] Segfault when indexing on second or higher dimension with list or tuple

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Thu Apr 13 08:16:13 CDT 2006

Albert Strasheim wrote:
> Hello all,
> The following segfault bug was discovered in NumPy by 
> someone at our Python workshop:
> import numpy as N
> F = N.zeros((1,1))
> F[:,[0]] = 0
> The following also segfaults:
> F[:,(0,)] = 0
> Something seems to go wrong when one uses a tuple or a list to index 
> into a NumPy array on the second or higher dimension, since the 
> following code works:
The segfault was due to an error condition not being caught.   This is 
now fixed, so now you get (a rather cryptic error).  Now, to figure out 
why this code doesn't work....


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