[Numpy-discussion] numexpr enhancements

faltet at xot.carabos.com faltet at xot.carabos.com
Fri Apr 21 13:56:04 CDT 2006


After looking at the numpy performance issues on strided and unaligned
data, I decided to have a try at the numexpr package and finally
implemented better suport for them. As a result, numexpr can reach now
a 2x of performance improvement for simple expressions, like 'a>2.'.

In the way, I've added support for boolean expressions (&, | and ~, as
in the where() function), a new boolean data type (important to get
better performance on boolean expressions) and support for numarray
(maintaining the compatibility with numpy, of course).

I've called the new package numexpr 0.2 to not confuse it with existing
0.1. Well, let's hope that numexpr can continue making its way towards
integration in numpy.

You can fetch this new package at:


Finally, let me say that numexpr is a wonderful toy to get your hands
dirty ;-) Many thanks to David (and Tim) for this!



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