[Numpy-discussion] Re: Problems building numpy

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 20:54:02 CDT 2006

Stephen Walton wrote:
> Robert Kern wrote:
>> Rick Muller wrote:
>>> That being said, I just had my first system where Numpy failed to
>>> build. It's on a redhat 7.3 (yes, we have a 7.3 box. I didn't believe
>>> it either. not my decision.) and I get the following error when  trying
>>> to run Numpy:  
>> This usually means that you are not linking in the g2c library.
> On Redhat 7.3, I don't believe there was a g2c library, but an f2c one. 
> So -lf2c is needed at the link step (and f2c needs to be installed).

Well, there's libf2c which is a library provided by f2c, a program that converts
FORTRAN to C. And then there's libg2c which is provided by g77. They really are
different and, I don't think, interchangeable. Note that libg2c will be stuck
several ellipses down in the bowels of /usr/lib/gcc/.../.../libg2c.a not up in

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