[Numpy-discussion] Array data and struct alignment

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Sat Apr 29 15:11:07 CDT 2006

Travis Oliphant wrote:
> Albert Strasheim wrote:
>> Hello all
>> I'm busy wrapping a C library with NumPy. Some of the functions 
>> operate on a
>> buffer containing structs that look like this:
>> struct node {
>>   int index;
>>   double value;
>> };
> In my previous discussion I was wrong.  You cannot use the 
> array_descriptor format for a data-type and the align keyword at the 
> same time.  You need to use a different method to specify fields.
> This, for example:
> descr = dtype({'names':['index', 'value'], 
> 'formats':[intc,'f8']},align=1)
> On my (32-bit) system it doesn't produce any difference from align=0. 
> -Travis

However notice the difference with

 >>> dtype({'names':['index', 'value'], 'formats':[short,'f8']},align=1)
dtype([('index', '<i2'), ('', '|V2'), ('value', '<f8')])

 >>> dtype({'names':['index', 'value'], 'formats':[short,'f8']},align=0)
dtype([('index', '<i2'), ('value', '<f8')])

There is padding inserted in the first-case.  This corresponds to how 
the compiler packs a short; double struct on my system.   The default is 
align=0.  You need to use the dtype() constructor to change the 
default.   The auto-constructor used in dtype= keyword calls will not 
change the alignment from align=0.


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