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Bill Baxter wbaxter at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 17:24:38 CDT 2006

First of all, it sounds like the individual who mailed Travis about being a
"wolf in sheep's clothing" is suffering from the delusion that you can
actually get rich by selling technical documentation at 40 bucks a pop.
Travis does have a web page up somewhere explaining all his rationale -- I
ran across it somewhere.  I remember when I saw it I was thinking "that's
bizarre -- why on earth would you have to make a whole web page to justify
selling something you yourself created?"  I mean, like it or not, Travis
wrote it so he can do whatever he wants with it.  That's just common sense.
Something apparently some lack.  It reminds me of the story my father told
me when I was like 8 years old about a man who shows up one day and gives a
little boy a dollar bill.  The boy is exctatic, and thanks the man
profusely.  Then the next day the same thing, another dollar.  The boy can't
believe his luck.  The whole week the guy comes, then it becomes a month,
and then a year.  Every day another dollar.  Eventually it becomes such a
routine that the boy doesn't even bother to thank the guy.  Then one day the
man doesn't show up.  The little boy is furious.  He was counting on that
dollar, he already knew how he was going to spend every penny.  The person
who emailed Travis is just like that little boy, furious for not getting the
dollar that wasn't his to begin with, rather than being thankful for the
$365 he was given out of the blue for no particular reason.

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