[Numpy-discussion] Tiling / disk storage for matrix in numpy?

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Apr 10 15:14:05 CDT 2006

Webb Sprague wrote:

>Hi all,
>Is there a way in numpy to associate a (large) matrix with a disk
>file, then and tile and index it, then cache it as you process the
>various pieces?  This is pretty important with massive image files,
>which can't fit into working memory, but in which (for example) you
>might be doing a convolution on a 100 x 100 pixel window on a small
>subset of the image.
I suppose if you used a memory-mapped array, then you would be at the 
mercy of the operating system caching.  But, this would be the easiest way.


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