[Numpy-discussion] numpy.test() segfaults under Solaris 8

Albert Strasheim fullung at gmail.com
Fri Apr 14 08:18:02 CDT 2006

Hello Chris

I am seeing this same crash on Windows under IPython with revision 2351 of
NumPy from SVN.

If you can get a useful stack trace on your platform, you could add some
details to this ticket:




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>  From the daily Solaris 8 regression tests:


> check_vectorize
> (numpy.lib.tests.test_function_base.test_vectorize)Segmentation Fault
> (core dumped)
> This is a clean checkout and build of numpy that is done every morning
> on a Solaris 8 system.  We are currently using python 2.4.2 on this
> machine.  The equivalent build and test on a RHE system passed with no
> problems.
> Chris

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