[Numpy-discussion] Re: g95 detection not working

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 14:03:01 CDT 2006

Andrew Jaffe wrote:

> Thanks -- OK, in that case the following regexp works for me:
>     version_pattern = r'G95.*\(GCC (?P<version>.*) \(g95!\)'
> But are there different versions of the version string?

Possibly. I don't really know.

> Also on an unrelated f2py note: is the f2py mailing list being read by
> the f2py developers? I've posted a question (about the status of F9x
> "types") without reply...

Pearu is really the only f2py developer, and he has just flown from his home in
Estonia to Austin to work with us at Enthought for a month. I presume he has
been busy preparing for his journey.

Robert Kern
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