[Numpy-discussion] numexpr enhancements

David M. Cooke cookedm at physics.mcmaster.ca
Mon Apr 24 13:13:09 CDT 2006

faltet at xot.carabos.com writes:

> Hi,
> After looking at the numpy performance issues on strided and unaligned
> data, I decided to have a try at the numexpr package and finally
> implemented better suport for them. As a result, numexpr can reach now
> a 2x of performance improvement for simple expressions, like 'a>2.'.
> In the way, I've added support for boolean expressions (&, | and ~, as
> in the where() function), a new boolean data type (important to get
> better performance on boolean expressions) and support for numarray
> (maintaining the compatibility with numpy, of course).
> I've called the new package numexpr 0.2 to not confuse it with existing
> 0.1. Well, let's hope that numexpr can continue making its way towards
> integration in numpy.
> You can fetch this new package at:
> http://www.carabos.com/downloads/divers/numexpr-0.2.tar.gz
> Finally, let me say that numexpr is a wonderful toy to get your hands
> dirty ;-) Many thanks to David (and Tim) for this!

Unfortunately, real life (damn Ph.D.! :-) has gotten in my way, so I'm
not going to be able to look at this for a while. But I'll add it to
my list.

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