[Numpy-discussion] Reverting changes on Wiki, contacting users

David davidlinke at tiscali.de
Wed Aug 2 15:13:28 CDT 2006

Stephan Tolksdorf wrote:
> Hi
> A user named jlc46 is misusing the wiki page "Installing SciPy/Windows" 
> to ask for help on his installation problems. How can I
> a) contact him in order to ask him to post his questions on the mailing 
> lists, and

You cannot find out his email address as a normal wiki-user. 
Alternatively, you may add a note at the top of the wiki-page.

> b) most easily revert changes to wiki-pages?

"Normally", you will have a revert link at each version (if you have 
'admin'-permission) at the page-info: 

I assume that the people listed on
have this 'admin' permission. Maybe you can be added.


> Any hint would be appreciated.
> Regards,
>    Stephan

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