[Numpy-discussion] Reverting changes on Wiki, contacting users

David M. Cooke cookedm at physics.mcmaster.ca
Wed Aug 2 17:36:37 CDT 2006

On Wed, 02 Aug 2006 23:42:52 +0200
Stephan Tolksdorf <st at sigmasquared.net> wrote:

> > The changes by jlc46, I agree, don't look like what we want up there in
> > the long term. However, they do look like valid issues (s)he had while
> > trying to follow the instructions on that page. Not being much of a
> > Windows user myself, I have no idea what the issues involved are, but
> > perhaps before simply reverting them you could get to the bottom of the
> > issue?
> I think these questions should be posted on the mailing list so that 
> everybody gets a chance to answer them, not only the people subscribing 
> to the particular Wiki page.
> Regarding the installation problems on Windows: A while ago I put some 
> effort into writing a patch to correct a few build issues on windows. 
> Due to unfortunate reasons nobody tried to apply the patch until part of 
> it was obsoleted by changes of David M. Cooke to system_info.py. As I 
> didn't keep track of David's changes to the build system I asked him for 
> advice regarding the integration of my patch, but I never got a reply. 
> Seems like I will have to bite the bullet and replicate some of my 
> earlier efforts...

I updated that patch to work (it's in ticket #114, btw, for those following
along), and integrated it last week. Please give the current svn a try to see
how it works.

I had it done mid-July, but I guess you didn't get the Trac email?

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