[Numpy-discussion] Infinite loop in Numeric-24.2 for eigenvalues

Jim Kleckner jek-cygwin1 at kleckner.net
Wed Aug 9 19:18:46 CDT 2006

It seems that this old problem of compiling Numeric is a problem again 
(even on my Linux box, not just cygwin):

(The issue was the dlamch.f code)

The patch recommended to run:
 python setup.py config
in order to work around the problem.

Note that this no longer runs and gives the error message:
 unable to execute _configtest.exe: No such file or directory

The setup.py and customize.py code interact in complex ways with 
Python's build tools.

Anyone out there familiar with these and what is going on?

BTW, it looks as though the default Makefile in python2.4/config dir now 
has -O3 turned on which is stimulating this problem.


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