[Numpy-discussion] SciPy 2006 LiveCD torrent is available

Bryce Hendrix bhendrix at enthought.com
Thu Aug 10 11:53:54 CDT 2006

For those not able to make SciPy 2006 next week, or who would like to 
download the ISO a few days early, its available at 

We squashed a lot onto the CD, so I also had to trim > 100 MB of 
packages that ship with the standard Ubuntu CD. Here's what I was able 
to add:

* SciPy build from svn (Wed, 12:00 CST)
* NumPy built from svn (Wed, 12:00 CST)
* Matplotlib built from svn (Wed, 12:00 CST)
* IPython built from svn (Wed, 12:00 CST)
* Enthought built from svn (Wed, 16:00 CST)
* ctypes 1.0.0
* hdf5 1.6.5
* networkx 0.31
* Pyrex
* pytables 1.3.2

All of the svn checkouts are zipped in /src, if you'd like to build from 
a svn version newer than what was shipped, simple copy the compressed 
package to your home dir, uncompress it, run "svn upate", and built it.

Please note: This ISO was built rather hastily, uses un-official code, 
and received very little testing. Please don't even consider using this 
in a production environment.


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