[Numpy-discussion] Problem with numpy.linalg.inv in numpy 1.01b on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (8.7.0)

Daran L. Rife drife at ucar.edu
Thu Aug 10 14:33:52 CDT 2006

Hi Sasha,

> Inverting a matrix with masked values does not make much sense. Call
> "filled" method with an appropriate fill value before passing the
> matrix to "inv".

In principle you are right, but even though I use masked arrays
in this operation, when the operation itself is done no masked
values remain. Thus, my code works very well with the "old"
Numeric--and has worked well for some time. That said, I will
try your suggestion of doing a "filled" on the matrix before
sending it off to the inverse module.



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