[Numpy-discussion] Memory leak in array protocol numarray <--numpy

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Sat Aug 12 10:53:31 CDT 2006

A Dissabte 12 Agost 2006 14:37, Todd Miller va escriure:
> I agree with all of Travis' comments below and committed the suggested
> changes to numarray CVS.     I found one other numarray change needed
> for Francesc's examples to run (apparently) leak-free:
> Py_INCREF(obj)
> Py_XDECREF(a->base)
> a->base = obj
> Py_DECREF(cobj)
> Thanks Travis!

Hey! I checked this morning Travis' patch and seems to work well for me. I'll 
add yours as well later on and see... BTW, where exactly I've to add the 
above lines?

Many thanks Travis and Todd. You are great!

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