[Numpy-discussion] numpy 0.9.8->1.0b2

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Fri Aug 18 13:23:45 CDT 2006

David Grant wrote:
> I'm contemplating upgrading to 1.0b2. The main reason is that I am 
> experiencing a major memory leak and before I report a bug I think the 
> developers would appeciate if I was using the most recent version. Am 
> I correct in that the only major change that might actually break my 
> code is that the following functions:
> take, repeat, sum, product, sometrue, cumsum, cumproduct, ptp, amax, 
> amin, prod, cumprod, mean, std, var
> now have axis=None as argument?
Also the default return type is "float" instead of "int".  I've 
highlighted the changes I think might break 0.9.8 code with the NOTE 
annotation on the page of release notes.
> BTW, how come alter_code2.py ( 
> http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/numpy/browser/trunk/numpy/oldnumeric/alter_code2.py?rev=HEAD) 
> says in the docstring that it "converts functions that don't give 
> axis= keyword that have changed" but I don't see it actually doing 
> that anywhere in the code?
Because it isn't done.  The comments are a "this is what it should do".  
If you notice there is a warning on import (probably should be an error).


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