[Numpy-discussion] numpy installation

Joris De Ridder joris at ster.kuleuven.be
Fri Aug 18 19:16:52 CDT 2006


   [PL]: s_wsfe is not LAPACK's routine it's a routine from the g2c library.
   [PL]: You have to link it in in addition to lapack_lite.

Thanks for the pointer.

Sorry about my ignorance about these things. But is lapack_lite linked
to numpy even if you specify the full lapack library? 

After some googling I learned that g2c is a lib which takes care that you
can link fortran and C libraries (again my ignorance...). It's still not obvious
for me, though,  where/how I can make the install program do this linking.
I have a /usr/lib/libg2c.a, so I am surprised it doesn't find it right away...

Anybody experienced something similar, or other pointers?


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