[Numpy-discussion] linspace upper bound not met?

Alan G Isaac aisaac at american.edu
Mon Aug 21 10:31:14 CDT 2006

The definition of linspace is:
def linspace(start, stop, num=50, endpoint=True, retstep=False):
    """Return evenly spaced numbers.

    Return 'num' evenly spaced samples from 'start' to 'stop'.  If
    'endpoint' is True, the last sample is 'stop'. If 'retstep' is
    True then return the step value used.
    num = int(num)
    if num <= 0:
        return array([], float)
    if endpoint:
        if num == 1:
            return array([float(start)])
        step = (stop-start)/float((num-1))
        step = (stop-start)/float(num)
    y = _nx.arange(0, num) * step + start
    if retstep:
        return y, step
        return y

The simplest way to achieve this goal is to add right after 
the assignment to y two new lines:
   if endpoint:
       y[-1] = float(stop)

Alan Isaac

PS I'll take this opportunity to state again my opinion that
in the denerate case num=1 that if endpoint=True then 
linspace should return stop rather than start.  (Otherwise 
endpoint is ignored. But I do not expect anyone to agree.)

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