[Numpy-discussion] why is int32 a NPY_LONG on 32bitLinux & NPY_INT on 64bitLinux

Sebastian Haase haase at msg.ucsf.edu
Tue Aug 22 14:11:03 CDT 2006

I just ran into more problems with my SWIG
In the C api the current enum for 
NPY_INT is 5 

to match overloaded function I need to check these type values.

On 64bit all works fine: 
my 32bit int  function matches NPY_INT  - which is "int" in C/C++
my 64bit int  function matches NPY_LONG  - which is "long" in C/C++

but on 32bit Linux
the 32bit int  function matches NPY_LONG 
there is no  NPY_INT  on 32bit

that is: if I have a non overloaded C/C++ function that expects a C "int"
 - i.e. a 32bit int - I have write different function matching rules  !!!

Can a 32bit int array get the typenumber code NPY_INT
on 32bit Linux !?
Then it would work for both 32bit Linux and 64bit Linux the same !

(I don't know about 64bit windows - I have heard that both C int and C long 
are 64bit - so that is screwed in any case .... )

Sebastian Haase


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