[Numpy-discussion] [RFE] Suport for version 3 of array protocol in numarray

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Sat Aug 26 03:05:39 CDT 2006


I've lately ran into problems in numarray-->numpy conversions which are due to 
a lack of suport of the array procol version 3 on behalf of numarray. For 
more info on this issue see:




Question: is the numarray crew going to add this support anytime soon? If not, 
I'd advocate to retain support for version 2 in NumPy at least for sometime 
(until numarray gets the support), although I don't know whether this will 
complicate things a lot in NumPy.

I personally don't need this functionality as I've found a workaround for 
PyTables (i.e. using the numpy.ndarray factory in order to create the NumPy 
object directly from the numarray buffer), but I think this would be very 
useful in helping other users (end-users mainly) in the numarray-->NumPy 


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