[Numpy-discussion] possible bug with numpy.object_

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Tue Aug 29 11:49:58 CDT 2006

Matt Knox wrote:
> is the following behaviour expected? or is this a bug with 
> numpy.object_  ?  I'm using numpy 1.0b1
> >>> print numpy.array([],numpy.float64).size
> 0
> >>> print numpy.array([],numpy.object_).size
> 1
> Should the size of an array initialized from an empty list not always 
> be 1 ? or am I just crazy?
Not in this case.  Explictly creating an object array from any object 
(even the empty-list object) gives you a 0-d array containing that 
object.   When you explicitly create an object array a different section 
of code handles it and gives this result.  This is a recent change, and 
I don't think this use-case was considered as a backward incompatibility 
(which I believe it is).   Perhaps we should make it so array([],....) 
always returns an empty array.   I'm not sure.   Comments?


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