[Numpy-discussion] a few problems and fixes

Mathew Yeates myeates at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Aug 1 15:46:57 CDT 2006

Here are few problems I had with numpy and scipy

1) Compiling scipy on  solaris requires running ld -G instead of gcc 
-shared. Apparently, gcc was not passing the correct args to my nongnu 
ld. I could not figure out how to alter setup.py to link using ld 
instead of gcc so I had to link by hand.

2) memmap has to be modified to remove "flush" on Windows. If calls to 
flush are allowed, Python (ActiveState) crashes at program exit.

3) savemat in scipy.io.mio had to be modified to remove type check since 
I am using the class memmap which derives from ndarray. In savemat a 
check is made that the object being save is an Array.


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