[Numpy-discussion] Examples of basic C API usage?

Benjamin Thyreau benjamin at decideur.info
Wed Aug 9 03:25:10 CDT 2006

Le Mardi 8 Août 2006 05:18, Bill Baxter a écrit :
> I see Pyrex and SWIG examples in numpy/doc but there doesn't seem to be an
> example of just a simple straightforward usage of the C-API.
> For instance make a few arrays by hand in C and then call numpy.multiply()
> on them.  So far my attempts to call PyArray_SimpleNewFromData all result
> in segfaults.
> Anyone have such an example?
> --Bill

For our neuroimagery lib, i had to write some simples straightforward wrappers 
to the C-lib GSL, which you might be interested to have a quick look.. 
Trac entry:
and half-commented example usage..

Benjamin Thyreau
CEA Orsay

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