[Numpy-discussion] Segmentation Fault with Numeric 24.2 on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (8.7.0)

Daran Rife drife at ucar.edu
Mon Aug 14 18:56:52 CDT 2006

Hi Chris,

> Darn. My few simple tests all work. If you can figure out which 
> functions are failing, and make a small sample that fails, post it here 
> and to the python-mac list. There are some smart folks there that might 
> be able to help.

I will try to do so, but like you, I think my time is better
spent transitioning to Numpy.

Incidentally, I am now using the MacPython distro--thanks for
pointing me toward that. I also got Numeric 23.8 to work well
with MacPython, including the optimized vecLib framework. I
got the harebrained idea to try compiling and installing
Numeric 23.8 using the setup.py and customize.py files from
Numeric 24.x, since they seem to get the Apple veclib stuff
compiled in properly, especially the optimized matrix math
libs. The one tweak I had to make was in setup.py, where I
pointed it to the new vecLib in:


> However, it might be easier to port to numpy that do all that. And 
> you'll definitely get more help solving any problems you have with numpy.

Agreed. I am looking forward to the first official release of
numpy. In the meantime, I will experiment with the Beta version.

Thanks again,


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