[Numpy-discussion] numpy installation problem

Joris De Ridder joris at ster.kuleuven.be
Fri Aug 18 01:21:39 CDT 2006


In the README.txt of the numpy installation it says that one could use a site.cfg file to 
specify non-standard locations of ATLAS en LAPACK libraries, but it doesn't explain how. 

I have a directory software/atlas3.6.0/lib/Linux_PPROSSE2/ which contains
libcombinedlapack.a  libatlas.a     libcblas.a     libf77blas.a   liblapack.a    libtstatlas.a
where liblapack.a are the few lapack routines provided by ATLAS, and libcombinedlapack.a
(> 5 MB) contains the full LAPACK library including the few optimized routines of ATLAS.

From the example in numpy/distutils/system_info.py I figured that my site.cfg file should
look like

--- site.cfg ---
library_dirs = /software/atlas3.6.0/lib/Linux_PPROSSE2/
atlas_libs = combinedlapack, f77blas, cblas, atlas

However, during numpy installation, he says:

    libraries = ['combinedlapack', 'f77blas', 'cblas', 'atlas']
    library_dirs = ['/software/atlas3.6.0/lib/Linux_PPROSSE2/']

which is good, but afterwards he also says:

 Lapack library (from ATLAS) is probably incomplete:
    size of /software/atlas3.6.0/lib/Linux_PPROSSE2/liblapack.a is 305k (expected >4000k)

which he shouldn't use at all. Strangely enough, renaming libcombinedlapack.a to liblapack.a
and adapting the site.cfg file accordingly still gives the same message.

Any pointers?


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