[Numpy-discussion] First impressions on migrating to NumPy

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Fri Aug 18 10:07:51 CDT 2006

A Divendres 18 Agost 2006 16:44, Chris Kees va escriure:
> Can you provide  some details about your approach to  migrating to
> NumPy? Are you following some  documentation on migration or do  you
> have your own  plan  of attack?

Well, to say the truth none of both ;-). The truth is that I was trying to 
accelerate some parts of my software and realized that numarray was an 
important bottleneck. NumPy was already in advanced beta stage and some small 
benchmarks conviced me that it would be the solution. So, I started porting 
one single C extension (PyTables has several), the simplest one, and checked 
that the results were correct (and confirmed that the new code was much 
faster!). After that, the second extension came converted and I'm in the 
process of checking everything. Now, there remains 3 more extensions to 
migrate, but the important ones for me are done.

So, no plans other than having a good motivation (and the need for speed was a 
very good one). However, I think that having a complete test suite checking 
every detail of your software was key. Also, having access to the excellent 
book by Travis was extremely helpful. Finally, having IPython opened to check 
everything, look at online docstrings and be able to do fast timings added 
the "cerise sur le gâteau".


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