[Numpy-discussion] bug is arr.real for byteswapped array

Steve Lianoglou lists.steve at arachnedesign.net
Mon Aug 21 21:08:29 CDT 2006

Hi Sebastian,

> We just spend some time debugging some numpy image analysis code
> where we finally noticed that our file was byte-swapped ;-).
> Even though we got much crazier numbers,
> the test below already shows one bug in the a.real.max() line.
> My numpy.__version__ is  '1.0b3.dev3015'  and this is run on  
> pentium (little
> endian) Linux  (both 64bit and 32bit version give same results):

I'm getting the same results you are.

I just recompiled numpy to the latest svn (1.0b4.dev3050) and am  
running your example on intel (32 bit) Mac OS X.4.7.


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