[Numpy-discussion] bad generator behaviour with sum

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Sun Aug 27 17:41:36 CDT 2006

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>>> It seems like numpy.sum breaks generator expressions:
>>> In [1]: sum(i*i for i in range(10))
>>> Out[1]: 285
>>> In [2]: from numpy import sum
>>> In [3]: sum(i*i for i in range(10))
>>> Out[3]: <generator object at 0x10eca58>
>>> Is this intentional? If so, how do I get the behaviour that I am  
>>> after?
>> In [3]: sum([i*i for i in range(10)])
>> Out[3]: 285
> Well, thats a list comprehension, not a generator expression. I was  
> after the latter because it is more efficient.

Not really. Any numpy functions that would automatically create an array from an 
__len__-less iterator will have to convert it to a list first. That said, some 
cases for numpy.sum() might be handled by passing the argument to 
__builtin__.sum(), but it might be tricky devising a robust rule for when that 
happens. Consequently, I would like to avoid doing so.

Robert Kern

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