[Numpy-discussion] weave using numeric or numpy?

Carlos Pita carlosjosepita at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Aug 28 16:16:36 CDT 2006

Hi all!
I'm rewriting some swig-based extensions that implement intensive inner loops dealing with numeric/numpy arrays. The intention is to build these extensions by means of weave inline, ext_module, ext_function, etc. I'm not sure about how to point weave to my numpy instalation. By default it tries to include "Numeric/arrayobject.h" and fails if you hack things to get that resolved to numpy arrayobject.h (for example, it complaints that PyArray_SBYTE is undefined). Anyway, even if I managed myself to force weave to compile against numpy/arrayobject.h, I'd still not be sure about the "runtime" that will be chosen. I'm very confused at this point, no library flags are provided at compile/link time, so how is the runtime selected between numpy, Numeric (or even numarray)?
Thank you in advance.
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